Ultimate Personal Finance Bundle

Benjamin Bailey
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The Medium Template

🔎 With my thorough guide and valuable resources page, you'll have all the tools you need to start writing quality articles that engage and inspire your readers. Plus, my brainstorming page will help you come up with new and exciting article ideas that are sure to capture your audience's attention.

đź“… Keep track of your progress and stay on top of your content schedule with my content calendar page, while my analytics page will help you monitor your performance and track your earnings.

đź’ˇ Looking for even more tips and strategies to help you succeed on Medium? My additional information page has got you covered, with a few more tips and resources.

đź“ť And don't forget my two checklists to ensure that you are writing the best articles possible, with no mistakes and optimized for the Medium algorithm.

With this Notion template, you'll have everything you need to start earning +$500 a month on Medium in no time. So why wait? Start using the template today and watch your earnings soar! đź’°

Financial Planner Printable


✔Monthly Budget (One for each month)

✔Annual Budget Planner

âś” Annual Finances tracker

âś” Income Tracker

âś” Expenses Tracker

âś” Bill Tracker

âś” Savings Tracker

âś” Debt Tracker (2 variations)

âś” Debt Snowball

âś” 2 Savings challenges

âś” Dailey Planner

âś” Weekly Planner

âś” Monthly Planner

âś” Monthly Reflections

âś” Goals and Task sheet


âś” If you don't want to print it, you can also upload it to your favorite digital notetaking app and plan digitally.

âś” Print and write or use digitally!

âś” Undated trackers so you can use the template over and over again!

Annual Budget Google Sheets Template


✔Annual Overview

✔Annual Breakdown

✔Monthly Budget for each month (12 budget tabs)

✔Debt Snowball Dashboard

✔Sinking Funds Tracker

✔Instructions Tab

✔Income Tracker

✔Bill Tracker

✔Expenses Tracker

✔Debt Tracker

✔Transaction Tracker

✔Investment Tracker

✔Savings Tracker

✔Automation & calculations are done for you

✔Easy-to-use spreadsheet

✔Aesthetic design


âś” Budget from any device, anywhere, and save it online in your drive

âś” Can be customized so you can use it over and over again

âś” Pre-made calculations so you don't have to worry about anything

Remember, it takes time to have great control of your personal finances.

Start your journey with my financial planner printable today

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You receive: 1) A guide to make money on Medium which includes a thorough guide, checklists, brainstorm pages, content planner, etc. 2) A Finance planner that has everything from income-, expenses-, savings-, and debt- trackers to savings challenges to monthly planners to goal setting pages. 3) An annual budget template which includes 12 monthly budgets, debt snowball template, annual budget summary, expenses tracker etc.

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Ultimate Personal Finance Bundle

2 ratings
I want this!